Georgia, Michigan strike blows at Trump’s effort to quash election


“If there is a chance that Joe Biden is the next president, and it looks like he has a very good chance, the Trump administration should provide Biden’s team with all the transition materials, resources and meetings needed to ensure a smooth transition. that both parties are ready from day one, ”Alexander said. “This should be particularly true, for example, for the distribution of vaccines.”

Their comments follow those of other Republicans who criticized the president more forcefully on Thursday. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah said the president was trying to “reverse the will of the people,” and Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland said it was “bad for the country and our position in the world.”

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Mr. Trump continued to seek strategies to reverse the election result even though there is still no legal path to success. He spoke with aides to a questionable theory that if certification was delayed in states with Republican-controlled legislatures, then lawmakers could appoint a new voters list more favorable to him.

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But in Michigan, for example, it seems almost impossible. While the state board process is seen as superficial once all 83 counties certify the results, at least one of the Republican members, Norm Shinkle, has indicated he may request an investigation. Any impasse will most likely be taken to the state’s Court of Appeals, seeking an order to force the solicitation board to certify the election results.

If the council still refuses to certify after the court order, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, could remove members who refuse to certify, after a hearing, said Steve Liedel, electoral law attorney at Dykema Gossett in Lansing .

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The delegation of seven Michigan lawmakers said in a statement by Mike Shirkey, majority leader of the state Senate, and Lee Chatfield, president of Michigan House, that they accepted the president’s invitation to do so. push for additional federal funds to help fight the coronavirus. But they also sent a message about who they stand for, at a time when Republican officials in Michigan face pressure from all sides over the vote count.


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