Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Update Includes Amazing Bonus You May Have Missed


I spent yesterday afternoon running around in a towel and a fox mask, stabbing demons. Sucker Punch just released a major update Ghost of Tsushima which adds a whole new cooperative game mode, with its own storyline, graphics, loot and enemies. I’m still sort of mystified as to why the developer hasn’t tried to monetize it in some way, whether it’s through cosmetics or just charging $ 10 for it, but I will not look at a gift horse in the mouth. If you own this game, download this update. If you don’t own this game buy it, it’s great.

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What you may not have noticed, however, is that Legends is not the scope of this update. It also comes with some meaty additions to the base single player mode that revolve around New Game +. Not only can you restart the game with all of your unlocks and abilities on the first pass, but you can also use new armor loadouts to make changing gear a little less expensive.

There is one bonus, in particular, that I’m here to call, as the title says: you don’t have to kill dogs anymore. There is a new “Canine Friendship Charm” that you can use to pet dogs and convince them to fight for you, a blessing for anyone who has felt a little pain of sadness every time they have killed. a Mongolian attack dog as they played the game the first time.

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All in all, this is an amazing update. My only problem with Legends is that I don’t like the washed-out visuals that seem to rob the game of the grandeur that defined its base mode, but Legends nevertheless has a visual flair of its own.

Ghost of Tsushima was one of the best surprises of 2020, launching as what felt like a fairly standard open world game built around going from icon to icon, but transcending that base format to become an incredibly beautiful and satisfying adventure with a tight, well-told story and some of the most engaging combat I’ve seen in an open world melee game. It was already more than worth it for the single player, but Legends is just an awesome sauce.

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