Gifts to several New York City mayors are up for auction


NEW YORK – If you want to own pieces of New York City history. including art, jewelry and sports memorabilia, they are now part of an online auction.

The sale is called “Gifts To The City”, featuring items given to former mayors.

Trinkets and treasures presented to four New York City mayors: Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani, and Bloomberg. By law, mayors are not allowed to keep them and they become the property of the city.

“We have a tradition of selling items that have no archival value,” said Pauline Toole, commissioner of the Department of Records and Information Services.

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Toole showed TBEN’s Dave Carlin items at the auction, which benefits the Municipal Archives Reference and Research Fund.

For sale? Nike Air Force Ones signed by Ice T and Fab Five Freddy. From the Koch era, a framed Village Voice front page and illustrations by him. From Giuliani, a 1999 New York Knicks signed basketball. A Louis Vuitton football is expected to fetch $8,000.

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“If it’s from the 1998 World Cup,” Toole said. “So we hope someone wants to buy it, and then $8,000 can fund a part-time paper conservator for a year.”

Diana Ross gave Dinkins a paperweight Big Apple that shines.

The items are located in a city building that trumps the others: 31 Chambers Street.

“It’s modeled after an opera house in Paris,” Toole said.

When it’s a sunny day, the light pours in and illuminates the golden marble.

The preservation laboratory is located in the basement.

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A 25-inch Bloomberg-era pearl necklace is also available for purchase.

More sales are planned. There is a wealth of uncatalogued items from the de Blasio era, some of which can be found at upcoming auctions.

The auction ends in the first week of December. Items can have different deadlines.

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