‘Ginny And Georgia’ is dethroned in Netflix’s top 10 by a new show


Yesterday I wrote an article about how Ginny and Georgia topped Netflix’s top 10 list for two consecutive weeks, but today that streak is over. Netflix’s hottest show of 2023 (well, its first three weeks) has been dethroned by one of Netflix’s weirder experiments, That ’90s Show.

Yes, That ’90s Show is directly tied to That ’70s Show, the TBEN series that aired in the 90s itself, 1998, and ran for a total of eight seasons, launching the careers of the likes of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher .

That ’90s show doesn’t see the main cast of kids return as adults to star (although there are cameos) and instead focuses on Eric and Donna’s daughter living with her grandparents, Red and Kitty, played by the same actors, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, who somehow seems to have barely aged.

That ’90s show can sound as a potentially ill-conceived idea in theory, but it’s actually rated quite well, a 74% rating from critics and a 76% rating from the audience. That’s better than I could have imagined, although Netflix doesn’t really care about any kind of review scores these days, they care about viewers. Debuting at #1 as a cheesy sitcom seems like as strong a start as one could hope for though, and it doesn’t seem hard to envision a season 2 being possible here, though Netflix usually takes 4-6 weeks to get that sort of thing out. after consulting their robots to calculate watch duration and completion rates and anything else that isn’t show quality in renewal decisions.

As for the recently unseeded Ginny and Georgia, that was a great run for Season 2, a show that should be extreme confident about getting a season 3 with that kind of performance, two weeks at #1 and again, lower cost than other Netflix series with its grounded setting and lack of A-list movie stars attached to it. Again, two weeks after release is too early to hear about renewal, but I’m sure Ginny and Georgia will return for Season 3 given how Season 2 turned out here.

The rest of the list has Vikings Valhalla move one spot and it looks like it will never reach number one. I believe that show had a deal with a certain number of seasons before it even launched, so don’t worry about renewal or lack thereof there. Wednesday, now two months after its release, is still a top 5 series, a continuation of a wild feat. The final season of The Walking Dead has been a strong performance on Netflix for weeks as parent company AMC currently struggles with cost cutting and show cancellations. I’m not sure what the deal is for AMC’s TWD spinoffs coming this year, if they’ll also have a licensing deal with Netflix, or if they’ll just block them all on AMC+.

Okay, I’ll give That ’90s Show a shot and see what it’s like. After all, I loved the original and grew up in the ’90s myself.

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