Global Coliving Space Outsite debuts in the Caribbean, in the beautiful city of Bathsheba


Where is Bathsheba, you ask?

Look east.

The east coast of Barbados, home to the most rugged, rustic, and dare I say the most surprisingly beautiful part of the island. Of course, I am biased; Bathsheba – a biblical queen, wife of King David – happens to be my legal name. So when I learned that Outsite, a global community of cohabitation spaces for remote workers, was opening its first Caribbean location in this part of Barbados – where the country’s welcome stamp allows visitors a one-year stay – I hurried, i made a reservation and quickly fell in love with it Lodge Eco Lifestyle. Here’s why:

LOCATION It’s just 25 minutes from the commercial south of Barbados, but Bathsheba feels like its own country: a sleepy, bucolic haven popular with hippies, hipsters and surfers. Such serenity is synonymous with productivity, making Bathsheba a natural fit for Outside, which already has digital nomad hubs in Portugal, Costa Rica, Mexico, France and more. Eco Lifestyle Lodge is located on a bluff above the Atlantic Ocean, with wooden walkways resembling tree houses that wind around the property and down to the beach. Make your descent and soak up the scene: surfers tackling some of the biggest waves in the area, a sea turned white and foamy, massive boulders that seem downright prehistoric.

ROOMS The ten rooms of the property are divided between a small main house and a side cottage; all face east, which means ocean views galore and spectacular sunrises beckoning you from bed to your desk – er, your private patio, where your laptop lives. The aesthetic is hippie-chic minimalist, with revalued mahogany furniture, white linens, and mosquito-covered canopy beds. A mini kitchen is handy, as is a perfectly placed hammock, designed to take you away from your laptop for a midday nap.

EAT I’m going to make a dramatic statement: Eco Lifestyle Lodge’s organic plant-based restaurant serves the freshest food and drink I have ever had in Barbados. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that most of everything on my plate was sourced locally, much of the property’s off-site organic gardens; heavenly breads are made by locally celebrated baker Richard White. There was a Brazilian fish stew with barracuda and plantain, vegetable tacos made with cassava flour and drizzled with cilantro yogurt sauce, French toast, and omelets sprinkled with a delicious green goddess dressing. I would sip fresh grapefruit juice every morning and indulge in tangy rum punches at night. A meal here alone is worth the trip.

WORK SPACES If your patio isn’t appealing enough, how about transforming the sofas on the property’s yoga patio into an office? Or maybe try the sun loungers next to the three jacuzzi pools with that heavenly sea view? Better yet, turn one of these salt pools into your daily workspace. Thanks to perfect WiFi, anything is possible.

SUPPLEMENTS I wasn’t expecting a sauna, but it was there: a freestanding mud hut at the foot of the cliff by a small river – the perfect way to detox after last night’s rum. And when I wanted an uber-Bajan atmosphere and a little respite from all that is ecological, I walked down the road to Uncle Joe’s bar and grill and let myself go to a huge plate of flying fish and macaroni pie, washed down – of course – plus Rum.