‘God have mercy on us all’: Robert Kiyosaki warned the economy is the ‘greatest bubble’ in history and urged investors to ditch paper assets – here are 3 real assets he likes


‘God have mercy on us all’: Robert Kiyosaki warned the economy is the ‘greatest bubble’ in history and urged investors to ditch paper assets – here are 3 real assets he likes

2022 has been tough for most investors. Stocks, bonds and even crypto collapsed.

But according to Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, the worst is yet to come.

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“I believe the economy is the biggest bubble in world history,” he said in a tweet. “God, have mercy on all of us.”

As many financial assets have become cheaper in this down market, it can be tempting to buy into the dip. But that’s not what Kiyosaki does.

“Many of you know that I don’t invest in stocks, bonds, ETS or MFs. Please do NOT listen to what I’m about to say: ‘I’d get out of paper assets’,” he says, adding that the global economy “is not a ‘market’.”

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Instead, Kiyosaki likes three real assets for protection. Here’s a look at each of them.

Gold and silver

Precious metals, especially gold and silver, are a popular hedge against inflation and uncertainty. They cannot be printed out of thin air like fiat money, and their value is largely unaffected by economic events around the world.

Kiyosaki has long been a fan of gold – he first bought the yellow metal in 1972.

“I don’t buy gold because I like gold, I buy gold because I don’t trust the Fed,” he said in an interview last year.

Kiyosaki also likes silver. He even tweeted “Silver best investment in October 2022” and “Anyone can afford $20 silver”.

To be sure, precious metals were not immune to the sell-off that happened in 2022. That said, both metals are promising so far in 2023 with gold up 7.5% over the past month and silver up 28.5% over the past month. compared to six months ago.

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While there are many ways to get exposure to gold and silver, Kiyosaki prefers to just buy the metal outright. Earlier this year, he tweeted that he only wants “real gold or silver coins” and not ETFs.

The author also recently called silver “a bargain”. So it might be time to visit your local precious metal store.


Bitcoin investors have learned the hard way how volatile it can be.

In November 2021, bitcoin hit a high of $68,990. As of Thursday, it hovered around $20,963.32.

But Kiyosaki doesn’t seem to be affected by the cryptocurrency’s downturn.

“BITCOIN? WORRIED? No,” he wrote in a tweet in November. “I am a Bitcoin investor because I am an investor in physical gold, silver and real estate.”

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He even sees the crypto chaos as an opportunity.

“When BITCOIN Hits a New Bottom, $10 to $12k? I will get EXCITED, not worried.”

Kiyosaki believes in bitcoin for the same reason he likes precious metals: a distrust of our fiat money system and government.

“I bet against the Fed, Treasury, Biden, and bet on [gold], [silver]& Bitcoin,” he explained.

Last month, Kiyosaki tweeted another reason for his continued interest in the cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin is classified as a commodity just like gold, silver and oil. Most crypto tokens are classified as a security and SEC regulation will destroy most of them. I buy more BC”

Nowadays it is very easy to tap into bitcoin: you can buy bitcoin instantly. Keep in mind that many exchanges charge up to 4% in commission fees just to buy and sell crypto. So look for investment apps that charge low or even no commissions.

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