‘God Of War Ragnarok’ sold more on day one than ‘God of War’ in a week in 2018


The first songs are starting to come in for God of War Ragnarok, and with some qualifiers it’s starting to get a little crazy. Sony seems poised to have a monster hit on their hands.

The top line of a recent report on box sales in the UK indicates God of War is blowing Ragnarok past the 2018 God of War resale rate.

“God of War Ragnarok debuts at No. 1 and is the first cross-gen title in the series,” GfK boss Dorian Bloch told GamesIndustry.biz. “Day 1 physical sales already outperformed all other full-week launch sales for other titles in this franchise.”

As in, God of War Ragnarok was just better than the first week of God of War in one day. Wow.

Yes, the qualifiers here are that this is A) physical sales only, but that almost makes it more impressive as players have shifted even more to digital over the past four years and B) this is UK only. But the implication is that if this is widespread, Ragnarok will become one of Sony’s biggest hits, alongside the skyrocketing review scores that have made it a GOTY contender, taking on a tough fight against Elden Ring.

Sony is, of course, limited in sales by the range of their consoles themselves, PS4, where the game won’t perform to its full potential, and PS5, which many players still can’t buy due to shortages. Sony seems to be getting a little frustrated with their own restrictions on their games, which is why we’ve seen a move towards more PC ports, albeit mostly years after the game has been released on consoles. And while Sony has been doing more with cloud gaming lately, it’s not what we’re seeing on the Xbox side, so we won’t be seeing Ragnarok streaming through an iPad anytime soon.

Either way, this is simply an unqualified success for Sony on every level. It would be hard to top 2018’s God of War, but Ragnarok seems to have done it, or at least it’s dead – even with the latter game’s success in terms of critics scores and audience reception. The pace of sales looks set to dramatically blow past the latest game, and we’ll see where the total ends up in the long run.

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