GOP Candidate Who Repeated Litter Box Myth Wins Oklahoma School Main Post in Landslide


Ryan Walters, the Republican school superintendent candidate in Oklahoma who… repeated an urban legend about school kids identifying as cats and demanding to use cat litter won his race in a landslide.

Walters, former Teacher of the Year finalist from the eastern Oklahoma town of McAlester, beat Democrat Jena Nelsonwho was the 2020 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, 57% to 43%.

in a interview with a television station in Oklahoma City On Wednesday, Walters said his priority would be to audit the state’s Department of Education.

Just a few days before Tuesday’s election, a blog in Oklahoma posted a video van Walters who described a “legitimate faculty meeting” in which he claimed that school staff and faculty debated providing cat litter to students who identified as cats.

In the run-up to this fall’s election, many Republican candidates referred to the idea that college students identify as cats and demand that they use litter boxes instead of toilets, but it was always told as a secondhand story with no evidence.

It was not clear from Walters’ comments in the video whether he claimed to have direct knowledge of such a meeting or whether a former colleague he said he spoke to had told him about it. He did not name a specific school or district.

“We do not have.”

– Supported. Robert Steeber on whether McAlester had discussed student use of cat litter

When asked if McAlester Public Schools, Walters’ former school district, had held such a meeting, Supt said. Robert Steeber told The Bharat Express News, “We do not have.

“There are real problems facing public education in our state. Teacher shortages, oversized classrooms, poverty, lack of counselors and mental health support, and access to resources all require priority over national partisan culture wars and voucher schemes that siphon money from public schools,” the group said.

“It is our hope that every day the newest representatives will remember serving all Oklahomans, not just a few.”

Tuesday was a good night for the Oklahoma GOP, with many voters apparently voting directly on the party line. Republicans — including gov. Kevin Stitt, who won by a surprisingly large margin over the current director of the state school, Joy Hofmeister – triumphed in all top positions of the state.