Gordon Ramsay Surprises Marines in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace Birthday Ball


Yes, Chef!

Famed chef Gordon Ramsay gave the Leathernecks of 5th Battalion 11th Marines a birthday ball that they will enjoy forever in Las Vegas.

While working at his Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace on Saturday night, the host of “Kitchen Nightmares” learned that the 5/11 Marines were celebrating their annual Marine Corps birthday party in the hall.

Without hesitation, Ramsay showed what he was doing to pay the Marines a surprise visit.

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Hundreds of Marines and their dates attended to celebrate the Marine Corps’ biggest holiday and witness Ramsay’s surprising appearance.

“I wanted to take two minutes to tell you all something very, very important. I have a son who is in the Royal Marines Commandos,” said Ramsay, still wearing his chef’s uniform.

Ramsay seemed honored to speak to the 5/11 Marines as his own son, Jack Ramsay, is an active Royal Marine.

Ramsay then congratulated and thanked the Marines for 247 years of service before sharing details about his cooking time for Marines in Afghanistan in 2010.

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The “Master Chef” judge explained that when he returned home, he shared his experience with his son and commented on the camaraderie of the Marines in the perils of a war zone.

“He kept asking me about the week I spent in Afghanistan, and he had no idea what was going on. Scrambled eggs or a Wellington certainly didn’t interest him. He just always wanted to talk about the Marines.”

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Ramsay’s son, Jack Ramsay, has been with the Royal Marines since October 2020.

Corporal Joseph LaManna, 21, of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, had the opportunity to speak with Ramsay after his heartfelt speech.

“I ran to him, took his hand and shook it. I’m like, ‘Mr. Ramsay, I just wanted to say that my father makes the best Italian pasta in the world. Better than your Italian pasta!’”

LaManna told The Post that Ramsay had a good laugh at what he said before shaking his hand again and leaving.

Gordon Ramsay response to insta comments.
LaManna responded to a post Ramsay posted on Instagram about his speech and received another acknowledgment from the celebrity chef.
gordongram / Instagram

“Every time he makes a pasta dish, deep down he will know that some random Italian dad is doing better,” LaManna said jokingly.

Lance Corporal Isaac Mambo, 23, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, said it was a complete surprise to all Marines.

“My parents are from Kenya and they used to make great home cooked food so I’ve always been a big fan of shows like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. I was super excited to see him,” Mambo told The Na .

Corporal Brittney Riggins, 22, of Albany, Georgia, told The Post how much joy Ramsay brought her and her fellow Marines speaking with them on their big day.

Riggins, who is a fan of Ramsay’s duets on TikTok, was impressed by how genuine he was when he spoke to the Marines.

“The amount of support he shows to the military members is more than respectful, [I] hope to see him again at the ball next year!”