Government issues conditions for TBEN on their way to World Cup in Qatar


The Embassy of Kenya in Qatar issued requirements on Saturday, November 19 for TBEN en route to World Cup matches in the Middle East.

According to the embassy statement, TBEN must obtain an approved HAYYA card (a fan identification card).

HAYYA card is a personal document issued to every fan attending the FIFA World Cup.

To get the card, TBEN must confirm their accommodation plans in Qatar.

Football fans in Qatar in the run-up to the World Cup starting on Sunday, November 20, 2022.

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The Embassy warned the traveling TBEN not to get the cards from brokers. HAYYA Cards, it stated, will be issued by FIFA.

TBEN must also get other relevant approvals from government officials in the Middle Eastern country to avoid falling prey to fraudsters.

However, the government warned TBEN not to defy Qatari traditions during their stay during the tournament.

“The Embassy urges all citizens to refrain from any political involvement or interference using any badges, flags, symbols, emblems or misrepresentation of the Republic of Kenya during this period,” the government warned TBEN.

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“All TBEN are advised to respect the culture and abide by the laws and regulations of the country,” the embassy added.

However, the embassy pledged to protect and support TBEN and other delegates who are expected to attend the World Cup in Qatar from Sunday, November 20.

“The Embassy is adequately prepared to receive all TBEN as well as high-level delegations to handle ensuing consular matters and other protracted situations that may arise,” the Embassy noted.

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To further facilitate operations for TBEN in Qatar, the embassy announced that a Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) had been established.

The guidelines came hours after parliament ruled out MPs paying for a trip to Qatar to watch the month-long football tournament.

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