Government receives 27 private sector proposals for space industry


Private entities have expressed interest in India’s space sector

Amid growing interest from large private entities in the space industry, with billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos completing space odyssey in their personal spacecraft, the Indian government has received 27 proposals from the private sector to undertake various activities. space.

Sources from the Ministry of Space said that 27 proposals from private entities had been received so far to undertake various space activities in India. The proposals include the construction and launch of launchers, as well as the construction, possession and operation of satellites, the provision of satellite-based services, the establishment of ground segments, research partnerships and the provision of mission services.

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With the reforms of the space sector, India’s private space industry is expected to contribute significantly to essential elements of the global space economy – space services, launch services, manufacture of launchers and satellites, establishment of a segment. ground and launch infrastructure. , according to official sources.

The participation of the private sector, including academia, start-ups and industries in end-to-end space activities, is expected to expand the national space economy, which will translate into greater employment opportunities and greater improving manufacturing possibilities in the country, they added.

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