Governor Evers defeats Michel – and Democrats have life in Wisconsin


Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers has won another term in office, according to three major networks, after beating Republican challenger Tim Michels in their neck-and-neck contest.

Michels said in the early hours of Wednesday from Milwaukee that he had called Evers to admit. “Unfortunately, the math isn’t right,” he said, adding that he wished the Evers family well.

Evers first won the seat in 2018, after ousting Republican incumbent Scott Walker. Heading into 2022, he had to recreate that same magic, while Wisconsin remained one of the most purple states in the country. While former President Donald Trump won the state by less than a point in 2016, four years later President Joe Biden won the state by less than a point in 2020.

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But since he was first elected, Evers has remained at war with Republican lawmakers in his state. The GOP-led state legislature has massively manipulated conservative policies, causing Evers to turn down more bills than any other governor in state history. He also received response from Wisconsin conservatives for his handling of the Covid pandemic, in addition to Black Lives Matters protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020 after the police recording of Jacob Blake, a black man, was caught on camera and went public. created.

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Still, Evers tried to draw a clear contrast between himself and Michels: a recipient of Trump’s endorsement. Abortion became one of the leading issues of the race, with Evers seeking to overturn a state abortion ban that came into effect via a trigger law, while Michels wanted abortion to remain banned with exceptions for rape and maternal life.

The duo also clashed during a recent election administration debate, with Michels promising to introduce tougher voting restrictions in future elections.

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Wisconsin governors have no term limits, meaning Evers may be free again in 2026.