Govt launches free Wi-Fi in parts of Nairobi


The Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) launched free Wi-Fi in Nairobi’s city market on Wednesday, November 9 to facilitate e-commerce.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo noted that the free public Wi-Fi will be strong enough to handle transactions within the market and a few meters perimeter around it.

“This free public Wi-Fi provides merchants with a conducive environment for e-commerce to thrive,” Owalo assured merchants as he toured City Market.

He also announced that the Ministry of ICT also plans to introduce free Wi-Fi almost everywhere – including airports, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, public transport and hotel rooms.

It was noted that using these free Wi-Fi hotspots is very easy and super convenient for users who don’t have enough money to spend on data bundles.

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An aerial view of the Nairobi City skyline, dated October 2020.


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He explained that with Wi-Fi, users can access online accounts, catch up on work, and check emails while on the go.

“We must continue to envision and pursue the vision of the city of the future as the smart city, powered by smart digital technology.

“I presided over the opening of the Kenya-Korea Smart City & Technology Forum in Nairobi this morning, focusing on the digital economy in building and building smart cities,” noted CS Owalo.

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“We must continue to envision and pursue the vision of the city of the future as the smart city, powered by smart digital technology,” he confirmed.

While making his comments during the launch of the free public Wi-Fi service, Prof. Fredrick Owino, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICT Authority of Kenya, urged traders at the City Market to take the opportunity connect and connect with international markets.

“Now you have the chance to contact buyers and sellers in other parts of the world, right from the comfort of your phone,” Owino encouraged.

Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of ICT Authority, assured TBEN that there will be more free Wi-Fi services in different parts of the country.

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During a tour of the multi-billion dollar project on Thursday, Nov. 3, Owalo noted that Konza City was strategically positioned to advance technology in the country.

Owalo added that the city will play an integral role in the implementation of the Hustler Fund, which will be disbursed on December 1, 2022.

“To roll out the fund, we need low-cost but plenty of IT-compatible devices, this is where Konza comes in. We see Konza as a way of innovation (allowing us to make handsets) that can be cheaply accessed by scammers,” he explained. from.

A photo of Nairobi .'s city center

A photo of Nairobi .’s city center