Govt starts making changes in construction industry over collapsed buildings


The Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) began talks with financial institutions in an effort to introduce tough regulations for the mortgage industry across the country.

At a round table meeting on Thursday, Jan. 11, the chairman of the council, Erastus Mwongera, revealed that they were looking for several building requirements that should be checked before approving a loan.

Some of the requirements advocated for approved building plans include.

In addition, he stated that developers should provide details of the various qualified personnel to be involved during the construction process.

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Erastus Mwongera, Chairman of the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK), addresses stakeholders at an event on November 16, 2022.

Kenya Engineering Council

Mwongera explained that the move was necessary as the country had witnessed increasing cases of building collapses which in turn claimed Kenyan lives

He also noted that many people lost a lot of money in such investments where products are not delivered, but customers still have to pay off loans.

“Let’s not just look at land security and stuff, but look at what’s being developed and where it’s designed by professional engineers and certified and stamped.

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“We are working on a document that will contain the design document, quantities and description of the works to be used,” he stated.

The chairman also explained that the move would rid the industry of rogue engineers who offered their services to innocent TBEN.

However, he did not specify when an agreement between the two bodies would be reached before it is officially rolled out.

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The collapse of buildings, especially in Nairobi and its satellite cities, has been blamed on poor workmanship and the involvement of unqualified professionals in the construction industry.

According to a preliminary report from the National Construction Authority (NCA), developers were blamed for executing projects without following established guidelines.

In the November 15, 2022 statement, three out of ten buildings under construction in Nairobi were found to be non-compliant.

Workers in a building under construction

Workers in a building under construction


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