Grandson of Prince Charles of Luxembourg Louis Cunningham plays Louis XVI in Marie Antoinette


Bridgerton actor and grandson of Prince Charles of Luxembourg Louis Cunningham plays the role of Louis XVI in TBEN drama Marie Antoinette

Baptized Louis – and with Prince Charles as one of his grandfathers – he was always destined for greatness.

No, not the third and youngest of Kate and Wills’ descendants, but Louis Cunningham, 24, grandson of the late Prince Charles of Luxembourg.

After his Bridgerton debut as Lord Corning, he now stars in the eight-part TBEN drama Marie Antoinette. His role? Louis XVI, of course.

And Daily Mail’s Richard Eden has revealed that Oxford graduate Louis, 24, has another prince lurking in his background: ‘Prince of Darkness’ Peter Mandelson.

Years ago, when a neighbor of Louis’ parents, the Labor colleague babysat for the family.

Created and written by Deborah Davis, Marie Antoinette tells the story of the incredibly modern and avant-garde young queen who was barely 14 years old when she left Austria to marry the Dauphin of France.

The fearless queen is played by Emilia Schüle, free, independent and feminist ahead of her time.

Blueblood: The 24-year-old actor plays the role of Louis XVI in the BBC drama

Blueblood: The 24-year-old actor plays the role of Louis XVI in the TBEN drama

Sue Deeks, Head of Program Acquisition, TBEN, said: ‘Marie Antoinette has an enduring fascination and Deborah Davis has a very special vision for her story – we are really excited to bring this ambitious project to TBEN Two and iPlayer.’

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Chris Stewart, SVP Sales, UK & Eire, Banijay Rights, said: ‘Marie Antoinette is an extraordinary fresh new take on one of France’s most iconic – and controversial – figures, filled with stunning landscapes, beautiful performances and epic costumes.

“Following the success of Versailles on TBEN Two, we are delighted to once again bring the extravagance and excitement of French court life to British viewers.”

It comes as filming for Bridgerton’s highly anticipated series three continued on Thursday when the cast was spotted on the set in South London.

A first look at the new season of Netflix’s hit show saw cast and crew arrive at a luxurious South London mansion decorated with purple flowers.

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A string of currently unknown cast members stood out in daring period clothing as they chatted in front of the beautiful garden.

Several female actors were spotted in long, chic dresses, carrying umbrellas to protect them from the sun.

They were joined by male actors, who looked dashing in 19th century costumes, including long suit jackets and fancy top hats.

The cast seemed to be filming a lavish event as they all gathered in their best gear outside the main room.

The popular period drama has confirmed it is back in production after its record-breaking second season was released in March.



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