Graubünden government decides on comprehensive vaccination and testing strategy


(abi) The government of Grisons believes that urgent action is needed. She therefore instructed the cantonal management to develop and implement a vaccination and testing strategy, as she announced on Thursday. To this end, the nine test centers already planned will be expanded into vaccination and test centers to allow dual use. The centers, in which symptomatic and asymptomatic people can be tested, will not start operating until January 20.

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In the future, employees, schoolchildren, learners and teachers will also be tested regularly using a PCR saliva test using large-scale tests in companies and schools. The canton plays a pioneering role in Switzerland. “Repeated tests on asymptomatic people show a clearly measurable effect and therefore constitute an appropriate means of interrupting the chains of transmission of the coronavirus”, writes the government council.

200 vaccinations per day

Mobile vaccination teams that vaccinate residents of cantonal retirement and rest homes are already in service. According to reports, they were able to administer a total of about 200 vaccinations per day during the first two weeks. The government council estimates the total cost at around 25 million francs.

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