Greg Norman: LIV Golf Offered Tiger Woods Over $700 Million To Join


LIV Golf Offered Tiger Woods More Than $700 Million To Enter, Says Greg Norman, Originally Appearing On NBC Sports Boston

Tiger Woods became a billionaire this year and apparently he also had the chance to make nearly a second billion.

LIV Golf Investments CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman said in June that the budding golf league made a “stunningly huge” offer to get Woods on board. After bringing in Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson on nine figure deals, how high would LIV go to land a 15-time big winner in Woods?

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TBEN News host Tucker Carlson threw a string of numbers at Norman, starting at $700 million, going up to $800 million, and ending at $1 billion.

“That number is somewhere around that,” Norman replied in the interview.

Norman noted that he had not yet started as CEO when LIV made this offer to Woods.

“Tiger is a needle mover, right?” said Norman. “So of course you have to look at the best of the best.”

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Woods is among those who have been against LIV Golf and says the league and PGA Tour players who have joined have “turned their backs on what allowed them to reach this position”.

Woods returned to a professional golf course for the first time in 14 months when he competed in the 2022 Masters. He also competed in the PGA Championship in May and the Open Championship in July.

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