‘GTA 6’ actually looks pretty good for an early leaked build


Yesterday, Rockstar had one of the worst leaks in gaming history when a hacker posted 90 videos of early builds of Grand Theft Auto 6, the highly anticipated sequel that has been kept completely secret until now.

Of course, such a huge GTA 6 leak is a huge nightmare for Rockstar, as they will have to scramble to figure out how this happened, how to prevent it from happening again, and what sensitive information may have come out, or still be. can come out. It’s not good for game development.

But what the leaks revealed was perhaps a little surprising. Despite the builds being incredibly early, with many labeled as from 2021, and GTA 6 supposedly not releasing until 2024 or later, a lot of the visuals actually looked…pretty good?

Yes, the images are covered in debug code and often use placeholders, but the stuff that was there, even without polishing, looked pretty good, including the environments and the non-temporary character models for the main characters, Lucia and Jason . A segment where Lucia robs a restaurant had some interesting, very detailed NPC AI as they reacted to the heist, and it all just looks… really good, especially since it has some, possibly three year away from release?

Online I’ve seen a lot of developers scolding fans for saying the visuals look bad and making fun of how gamers don’t understand game development.

And yet I just… didn’t really see that reaction being widespread.

  • Not to say no one said the images looked bad, but those people are quoted in comment sections.
  • The leaked YouTube images, before being taken down, had overwhelmingly positive to dislike ratios and comments mostly revolved around how excited people were to return to Vice City and just each look at GTA6
  • Even Saints Row started becoming a trend yesterday, and when I looked up why that was, I found people saying that even pre-alpha leaked GTA 6 footage looked better than the unreleased Saints Row game that just came out last month .

So yes, this leak is hugely damaging to GTA 6 development considering everything that came out and a hacker claiming to at least have the source code of the game itself. That could be devastating, if true. But the issue that I’m not sure Rockstar is dealing with in the aftermath is that public perception of GTA 6 has plummeted due to the early leaked footage. I just don’t see that general reaction from the public, and if anything, the surprisingly good visuals reinforce the idea that GTA 6 will be great when it’s finished and polished and not three years away from release.

So far, we haven’t heard anything official from Rockstar, other than takedown notices sent to all the places where the footage has appeared. But I wonder if they will release official news now and look at the game they can control as everyone’s interest has now been piqued.

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