Guess? Prince Andrew can still stand up for the king


Prince Andrew has retained an important constitutional role as ‘Counsel to the State’, one of four people able to intervene and act for King Charles if he is incapacitated, despite his removal from the ranks of working royals .

While it is considered a possibility that Charles may want to amend the 1937 Regency Act, which states that the first four adults in the line of succession to the throne are automatically entitled to the role, as two of those people – Andrew and Harry – are no longer part of the institutional side of the family, such a change has not yet happened.

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A source at the palace told The Daily Beast: “It’s just the constitution,” brushing aside questions about what might happen in the future, stressing that the king wants the focus in the coming days to be on mourning his death. mother.

However, the revelation that Andrew’s role as a state adviser still exists has caused bewilderment, anger and irritation and has been the subject of much debate on social media, especially given Andrew’s surprisingly prominent role to date in Queen Elizabeth’s funeral rites.

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The other two adults in the line of succession are William and Princess Beatrice, Andrew’s daughter. Beatrice is ninth in line to the throne – William and Harry’s five children all precede her.

Andrew was expelled from the working royal family early this year by the Queen over a civil sexual abuse case filed by a woman associated with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, who claimed she had gone to the royal family. trafficked while she was still a minor. The lawsuit was eventually settled for millions of dollars.

Charles’s sister, Princess Anne, will not become a state adviser, as she is now 16th in the order of succession. While the order of succession is now gender-blind, this change to the old law of primogeniture only occurred in 2013, before Prince George’s birth, and has not been applied retroactively.

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There are also questions about Prince Harry’s continued suitability for the role as he now lives outside the UK and the law requires counselors to be British citizens living in the UK. He is believed to still be eligible due to owning a home, Frogmore Cottage, in the UK


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