Guild Esports Adds “Valorant” Champions to Its List, Aiming for Immediate Success


Guild Esports’ first major trophies in Fortnite and Rocket league helped the young organization to massively stand out in the competitive gaming scene in early 2021, and they have no plans to slow down. In his search for a trophy from another major title, he announced the addition of a huge champion valiant team to his list.

The all-women squad, which previously competed as Project X and recorded many impressive results since forming the current roster in May, including a major victory at the Women in Games Community Cup earlier this month – ci, brings a fully international body under the leadership of Guild. wing.

Combining the names of its past and present teams, the new Guild X brand includes Roxi (Germany), Smurfette (Turkey), Glance (Russia), Kim (France), alongside team captain Cinnamon (US) .

The team will not have long to prepare for its first outing under the new banner; Guild X will represent his new company, co-owned by David Beckham, at the first all-female VCT Game Changers EMEA tournament between September 27 and October 3.

Guild Managing Director Kal Hourd said, “Since our launch our mission has been simple: to identify the most exciting talents in esports and integrate them into our organization to give them everything they need to achieve their goals. potential.

“Guild X is the definition of that and we see in them all the attributes to make them a force not only the best all-female team on the scene, but the best team, period.”

Guild X Cinnamon captain said that when she and her teammates were looking for the right organization to join, they wanted a place that took them seriously as athletes and developed their in-kind skills – and Guild was the perfect fit.

“The guild totally reassured us about this and that we would be able to create a legacy here,” she continued. “We are delighted with Guild’s commitment not only to us but to the future of the valiant esports scene and plans to inspire more and more players to join it through their Academy.

Speaking with me earlier in the year about his model academy, Guild Esports Executive Chairman Carleton Curtis affirmed his company’s commitment to building an association of talented people, where the focus would be more. on developing the health and mental well-being of its teams than on their competitive skills, because “this is where success in the game must begin”.

He has promised 2021 will be “full of even more surprises, unveils and exciting announcements” – and this latest announcement, adding more diversity to its roster, has already been lauded by Women in Games.