Guild of Guardians pre-game registrations reach 133,000 as NFT sales increase


The community behind Guild of Guardians, an NFT-based role-playing game, seems to be excited about the upcoming title after snatching up nearly every NFT that was part of the founder’s so-called sale.

Since going live earlier this week, Guild of Guardians’ NFT sale has raised more than $ 3 million, the company said on Wednesday. The stock raised $ 2 million in the founder’s first hour of sale and $ 2.8 million in 24 hours.

The sale featured a collection of playable in-game NFTs ranging from $ 200 to $ 100,000. NFTs will become playable once Guild of Guardians launches on mobile devices in the first half of 2022.

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Pre-game registrations totaled 133,270, according to Derek Lau, game manager for Guild of Guardians. “Over 50% of all sales were made through referrals, indicating that the community was sharing with each other and there is a real ‘share to win’ aspect,” he said.

Yield Guild Games, which represents a collective of nearly 15,000 players and investors who generate income from NFT-based games, was one of the biggest contributors to the founder’s sale, snatching up the ‘Mythic Guild’ NFT for $ 100,000.

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Yield Guild Games founder Gabby Dizon said the Guild of Guardians “ticked all the right boxes” with regard to graphics, gameplay, mobile readiness and guild systems. “

“We’re always on the lookout for the next great games to win, and Guild of Guardians has piqued our interest. We spoke to the team and were happy with what we found; they have neat graphics, interesting gameplay; we love that it is mobile based and that they have the guild system […]”

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NFTs have been one of the most dominant crypto scenarios this year. Although sales are down 90% from the market peak, the outlook for the industry remains favorable as crypto collectibles create new use cases.

As TBEN reported, Metaplex has become the last major NFT market to enter the sphere. Launched on Solana earlier this month, Metaplex allows creators to earn “perpetual royalties” for their work.