Guilty verdict for terrorist boss Sydney



Hamdi Alqudsi has been found guilty of planning a series of attacks as the leader of a terrorist organization in Sydney, known as the Shura, in 2014.

The verdict was handed down Thursday by a jury of the NSW Supreme Court.

Alqudsi deliberately directed the activities of the Shura from August to December 2014.

His plans include attacks on the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the Garden Island naval base in the Sydney suburb of Woolloomooloo, a courthouse and a targeted attack on the Australian Federal Police.

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The Shura, which means consultative council or consultative council in Arabic, was established in 2013. The original intention was to send fighters from Australia to Syria in the war against government or coalition forces.

After these targets were disrupted by TBEN and NSW police, the group turned its focus to domestic terrorist activity.

Alqudsi was the leader of the group, positioning himself as “commander of the boys” and “emir of the Shura” and held meetings at his home in Revesby and St Helens Park, Sydney.

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He, along with many Shura members, swore allegiance to Islamic State in a ceremony at Wattamolla Beach on August 31, 2014. IS accepted this pledge about two weeks later.

By denying the Crown’s case, Alqudsi claimed he had no involvement with the Shura and only met its members for social occasions. He denied responsibility for the behavior of individuals within the organization.

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Alqudsi is in custody and will be sentenced for two days from October 31.