Happy Birthday Helen: The dancing diva of the 50s and 60s fell in love with Salim Khan for this reason


Love works in a strange way and finally finds its way. Nothing more true for the father of actor Helen and Salman Khan, screenwriter Salim Khan. On Friday, on the occasion of their 82nd birthday, here is a new look at their love story.

Salim was a married man with children when he decided to marry actor Helen in 1980. He was 45 and she was 42, not the most conventional age to get married. But theirs was a relationship that was cemented over time. Marriage just made them formal and gave them the approval of society.

Born in 1935, Salim came to Mumbai (then Bombay), aged 23, to become an actor. After a few years in the city, he married Sushila Charak, whom he had been courting for several years, in 1964. A year later, Salman was born. However, it was during this time that he met and worked with Helen, famous for her vampire roles and dances in Bollywood films in the 1950s and 1960s. During their association, they fell in love but the wedding came quite late. By the way, for much of this time, Helen was also married to a Prem Narayan Arora, whom she divorced in 1974.

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So what attracted her to Salim? In an interview with reporter Shashi Balinga, she revealed how, among the many people in the industry, he was the one who had never tried to take advantage of her. She was quoted in Pinkvilla as saying, “Something about Salim set him apart from the rest of the men in the industry. I respected him tremendously as he tried to help me without trying to exploit me.

So was it really romantic? Not enough. Salim reportedly said, “I can’t say exactly when I fell in love with her or decided to marry her. After seeing her for quite a long time, we decided to honor our relationship. We got married in 1980. ”

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And was it easy to settle down with a married man? Helen confessed that she felt guilty about seeing a married man and Salim accepted that his wife and children were far from accepting Helen. He also explained how the children carried their mother’s hostility into this relationship. “Children, they had their hostility. But they reacted like their mother did. As I told you quite honestly, it wasn’t like Salma happily accepted the relationship right away and thanked me or said you deserved an Oscar for it. So at that time there was hostility from the children.

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It was only natural that her children, quite grown up in 1980, were not loved by Helen. After all, Salman was already 15 and fully understood what was going on. However, over time Salma and her children saw that Helen was truly a warm person, and over the years their feelings for her changed. Today, she and Salim and her adopted daughter Arpita are an integral part of the Khan family.

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In fact, Arpita is quite the sweetheart of her brother, Salman, and often the center of House Khan. Salim’s life with his two wives, children and many grandchildren is a life of happiness. But would he recommend two weddings to anyone? Not really. He was quoted in the same report as saying, “Falling in love twice was a beautiful accident that happened to me. I survived this accident! Although I don’t recommend it as an ideal lifestyle. Normally this does not work.

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