Harley-Davidson will continue operations in India from January 2021


Harley-Davidson India will continue to operate in India beyond January 2021. The company said activities such as sales, service, parts availability, HOG gatherings and merchandise sales will continue as normal.

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Harley-Davidson has said it will aim to continue operations in India on a normal basis after January 2021

About two months ago, Harley-Davidson announced its exit from the Indian market. The company has signed a partnership and distribution agreement with Hero MotoCorp for the sale and maintenance of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the sale of parts and accessories, as well as general merchandise, riding equipment and vehicles. apparel through a network of exclusive Harley-Davidson and Hero dealers. dealer network in India. Now, the company has offered better clarity on its operations in India from January 2021, via a statement.

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(Harley-Davidson says it will continue to launch new motorcycles in India)

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Sajeev Rajasekharan, Managing Director – Asia Emerging Markets and India, Harley-Davidson, said: “As we change our business model in India, we are happy to continue our journey into the country with Hero MotoCorp. We are working closely with Hero to ensure a smooth transition for our runners. We are providing our riders with available updates and have assured them that sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, parts and accessories and general merchandise, as well as after-sales service, warranty and HOG operations will continue from January. 2021. “

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(Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp have signed a partnership and distribution agreement in which Hero will manufacture and sell HD motorcycles)

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The statement makes it clear that HD India will continue operations in India according to the plan. The good news is that Harley is also aiming to take over the activities of the HOG (Harley Owners Group). Additionally, the company has promised to keep runners informed of updates as they become available. Additionally, the company also claims it will continue to launch new motorcycles in India as part of its deal with Hero MotoCorp.

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(Harley-Davidson has 33 dealers across India and dealers say the compensation offered to them is unreasonable)

Current Harley-Davidson dealers will continue to operate until December 31, 2020, and new dealers and service points will be announced later. Harley-Davidson dealers in India have spoken out against the American motorcycle brand’s decision to exit operations in India. Dealers say Harley-Davidson has left them in a bind and the compensation offered to them is well below expectations, calling it ‘unreasonable’ and ‘peanut’ compared to the investments each one makes. of the 33 Harley-Davidson dealerships has made across the country over the years. Dealers say Harley-Davidson never told them about the company’s plans to leave the Indian market and that they only learned about the news through media reports. The dealers had named the law firm AZB & Partners and are also exploring legal options. But there hasn’t been any development since.

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More details will be revealed towards the end of December 2020 on Harley-Davidson’s future plans for India.

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