Harry’s ‘big snub’ after King bans Meghan



Prince Harry reportedly “turned down” an invitation from his father the night the Queen died after a heated argument.

The feud between the then Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex apparently broke out after Harry insisted that his wife, Meghan Markle, accompany him on his flight to Balmoral to be with the Queen in her final hours.

Charles, now the king, told his youngest son that was “not appropriate”, sparking a heated argument. He told Harry that Her Majesty’s farewells should be limited to close relatives only, especially as Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, would not be going either.

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Sources have the British Mirror newspaper that the dispute delayed Harry’s journey to Scotland – and meant he missed an RAF flight taken by his brother William and uncles Princes Andrew and Edward.

Harry was eventually told to make his own travel arrangements, the newspaper reports. He took a commercial flight and landed — without Meghan — minutes after news of the Queen’s death broke.

Visibly upset, he was the last senior member of the royal family to arrive in Balmoral – and the first to leave the next day, on another commercial flight.

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Prince Harry boards a flight at Aberdeen airport, a day after the death of his grandmother, the Queen. Photo: Getty

In between, an “enraged” Harry had refused to dine with the King, Queen Consort and Prince William. A source told the Mirror the refusal to dine with his father and brother was seen as a “big snub”.

The individual dinners on the night of the Queen’s death had already been widely reported.

“There were two dinners at the royal estate that night and there was a clear divide,” a source said The sun earlier this month.

They said Harry stayed with Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. The new king retired to his home on the Balmoral estate, with the new queen and William.

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In the days that followed, Prince Harry and Meghan played an important role in the ceremonies to mark the death of his grandmother. Harry accompanied other family members in processions behind her coffin, and at a vigil held by her eight grandchildren – for which he was allowed to wear military uniform.

At the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey earlier this week, they sat directly behind the King and Queen Consort.

They also joined the extended royal family at the service and funeral at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.


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