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HawgBeat – Arkansas falls to No. 7 LSU, 13-10



The Arkansas defense forced two turnovers, registered seven sacks and added eight tackles for loss, but it wasn’t enough to overcome poor offensive play in a 13-10 loss to No. 7 LSU Tigers on Saturday in Fayetteville.

On a day when backup quarterback Malik Hornsby started in place of the injured KJ Jefferson (shoulder), it was Cade Fortin as the third string that almost saved the day.

Fortin came in with 5:25 remaining in the third quarter, and while his first drive resulted in a three-and-out, his second drive had a 29-yard pass and a 40-yard touchdown pass – both to Matt Landers – to finish. make sure it’s a 13-10 game.

After that, however, the Arkansas offense was all right and the fourth sack of the day from LSU freshman Harold Perkins was the dagger at the 1:19 mark in the fourth quarter. Perkins hit Fortin and knocked the ball out and the Tigers recovered, allowing them to kneel the clock.

LSU defeated Arkansas 284-249 in the game and they kept the pigs at just 3.7 yards per game.

Here’s a recap of the Razorbacks’ fifth loss of the season:

First half:

Three plays after LSU converted to third-and-18, Daniels threw the ball right into the hands of Latavious Brini, who put the Hogs on their own 43-yard line.

Hornsby trotted out as starter for the Hogs, who won just five yards and went three-and-out.

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After the Arkansas defense forced an LSU three-and-out, the Hogs drove 46 yards out of 10 plays and Cam Little capped the drive with a 28-yard field goal. Hornsby won 23 rushing yards on the drive that made Arkansas 3-0 with 4:48 left.

In the second play of the ensuing LSU drive, Daniels popped the ball out through Jordan Domineck and Brini recovered at the LSU 11-yard line. Arkansas came away empty-handed after four consecutive runs resulted in a turnover on downs at the Tigers 3-yard line.

LSU ran six consecutive times, resulting in a fourth and 1 on their next ride. After a false start and a hold on a false punt, the Tigers eventually made it 41 yards to the Arkansas 49-yard line. After an illegal block in the back on the Hogs, they took over on their own 40.

Four plays in, Hornsby fiddled as he tried to scramble and the Tigers took over at the Arkansas 37-yard line.

The first play of LSU’s drive was a 20-yard carry from Daniels, who escaped the pressure and went down near his own sideline. However, the Arkansas defenses were strong, limiting the Tigers to a 38m field goal from Damian Ramos that made it 3-3 with 9:28 to go in the first half.

Arkansas’ next drive went just eight yards out of five and resulted in a 29-yard punt from Reid Bauer.

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The Tigers were able to run 61 yards on 11 plays, and a false start on fourth and 5 in the red zone resulted in a 29-yard kick from Ramos that made it 6-3 LSU with 1:51 left .

Arkansas took over and was in no rush. The Hogs won 23 yards and a first down, but the drive resulted in a punt. LSU knelt the ball and sent the teams into the locker room.

Second half

Arkansas chewed just under four minutes off the clock, gaining just 15 yards on its opening half, resulting in a 48-yard punt from Bauer.

After a three-and-out by LSU, the Hogs found themselves in a fourth-and-out situation. Hornsby fell back and appeared to be trying to throw across the field, but he slipped and fell, allowing the Tigers to take over on the Arkansas 40-yard line.

LSU drove 40 yards in five plays and Josh Williams scored the first touchdown of the game on a 1-yard rush to make it 13-3 with 5:25 left.

On the next drive in Arkansas, Cade Fortin took over as quarterback and led the Hogs to an immediate three-and-out.

After an LSU punt, the Hogs got stuck in a third and 17 and Fortin delivered a 29-yard charge to Matt Landers for the first time. Four games later, Fortin took a shot from a defender, but put a perfect ball into the hands of a lunging Landers for a 40-yard score that made it 13-10 LSU with 13:17 left in the game.

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Chris Paul Jr. sacked Daniels for a nine-yard loss, and Daniels took just one yard on third and long to force a 36-yard punt through the Tigers. The Hogs went three-and-out after just 43 seconds.

The Tigers were in yet another fourth down situation on the Arkansas 43-yard line and Simeon Blair flew in to stop them before the line to win and give the Razorbacks the ball back.

On the fourth play of Arkansas’ drive, Fortin was hit while throwing and a fumble was ruled to return 29 yards to the Razorback 20-yard line. The on-field ruling was overturned, resulting in the fourth and 10 for the Hogs and a 31-yard punt by Max Fletcher to pin the Tigers back at their own 12-yard line.

LSU’s Jaray Jenkins caught a pass on third-and-4 and looked close to winning, but the call was held on the field after assessment. Three games later, the Tigers were forced to a fourth-and-1, resulting in a 45-yard punt to the Arkansas 24-yard line.

During the ensuing drive in Arkansas, Fortin was hit while trying to pass and it resulted in a fumble that was recovered by LSU at 1:19. The Tigers knelt for the rest of the clock, giving the Hogs their fifth loss of the season.

Final stats: