He Ting Ru is the new treasurer, Nathaniel Koh is the new deputy treasurer in CEC: Workers’ Party


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The Workers’ Party (WP) announced the following appointments to its Central Executive Committee (CEC) on 16 November.

  • Vice President: Faisal Manap
  • Treasurer: He Ting Ru
  • Deputy Treasurer: Nathaniel Ko
  • Organizing Secretary: Dennis Tan
  • Deputy Organizing Secretaries: Ang Boon Yaw, Kenneth Foo, Tan Kong Soon
  • Head, media team: Leon Perera
  • Deputy Head, Media Team: Louis Chua
  • Head of policy research: Gerard Giam
  • Deputy Head of Policy Research: James Lime
  • Youth Department Chairman: Nicole Zee
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WP previously announced the re-election of Pritam Singh as General Secretary and Sylvia Lim as Party Chairman.

New CEC members Ang Boon Yaw, Nathaniel Koh and Tan Kong Soon were all appointed.

Gerald Giam of Aljunied GRC, who previously held both the roles of treasurer and head of policy research, will hand over his role of treasurer to He Ting Ru of Sengkang.

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He Ting Ru was previously a deputy organization secretary.

Former Sengkang MP Raeesah Khan, who stepped down, previously served as deputy treasurer.

Former Hougang MP Low Thia Khiang is also a member of the current CEC.

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