Heavy snow destroys 2 sports halls in the capital


Esport Arena at Tapiola Sports Park in Espoo.

Image: Olli-Pekka Kursi / Yle

Heavy snowfall from the ongoing blizzard in southern Finland resulted in the collapse of two sports domes in the capital on Wednesday.

The weight of the snow caused a rupture in the large inflatable roof of the Esport Arena de Tapiola in Espoo, according to Kurt Möller, the development director of Esport.

According to current information, the room was empty at the time of the collapse and no injuries related to the incident were reported, Möller told Yle.

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Kartta Esport Arenan sijainnista.

Map showing the Esport Arena at Tapiola Sports Park in Espoo.

Image: Rea Lemström / Yle

The rupture occurred in the southwest corner of the room around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, caused by heavy snowfall from this week’s severe winter storm, he explained.

The dome is kept aloft with the help of air pressure and the automated system in the gym has compensated for the loss of pressure, which resulted in the rupture of the rupture, Möller continued.

“At the same time, our staff made sure that the room was definitely empty and that no one was there,” he said.

Then the remainder of the air pressure remaining from the inflatable roof was released in a controlled manner. When fully inflated, the gym reaches three floors.

The facility is closed at the moment, but Möller said it will open as soon as possible.

Second room destroyed in Pakila

The heavy snow was also too much for a similar sports facility in the Pakila district of Helsinki, run by the Helsingin Palloseura football club.

Inflatable room could not support the weight of the snow, says club manager Pasi paakki.

“There was just so much going on,” he said, noting that use of the facility was banned Tuesday night due to the possibility of a collapse.

Paakki said it was too early to say how quickly the facility would be up and running again.