Helpful news: Shit posters ready for $DRAMA rewards, Zuck’s little league card tokenize and more…


Solana-based NFT project Outcast Academy has started handing out the newly launched $DRAMA tokens, which reward the most popular shitposters on Twitter, as nominated by the community.

Describing itself as an “entertainment NFT experiment”, Outcast Academy has launched $DRAMA tokens as part of its “shitpost-to-earn” ecosystem, allowing community members to tag the associated @DramaReward bot account to share their favorite tweets from Twitter nominate shitposters.

The nominated Twitter Years could receive free $DRAMA tokens.

However, the specific details of the rewards, how many nominations are needed and other details have not yet been outlined.

Shitposting generally refers to people posting content that is ironic, satirical, sarcastic or just a pure troll to elicit certain reactions, and this new NFT project aims to reward such behavior.

Notably, the project is supported by VaynerMedia, the marketing and media agency of NFT advocate and popular entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck.

Outcast Academy is also slated for its first NFT release later this month, featuring a collection of 5,000 NFT avatars portraying various high school archetypes such as nerds, jocks, and rebels.

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The project states that at this stage it keeps the utility behind the NFTs “hush-hush”, but notes that it is building an “entertain-to-earn ecosystem”.

Muck Zuckerberg’s tokenized little league baseball card

A small baseball card featuring Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg will be up for auction on September 24 through an online collectibles marketplace.

The card features a photo of Zuckerberg, eight years old, wearing a baseball uniform with a bat in hand. These cards were generally created as a novelty for young baseball players, and Zuckerberg probably signed his card at the time and gave it to his camp counselor.

The card has since been minted as an NFT and will be auctioned through the online collectibles marketplace ComicConnect. The auction is not sanctioned by the man himself.

Little league Zuck: ComicConnect

“There is nothing remotely like it. Mark Zuckerberg has influenced our culture more than any MLB and NBA player combined — and this card is truly one of a kind,” said ComicConnect co-owner Stephen Fishler in a Sept. 12 announcement.

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Given that The Zuck has been divisive over the launch of the privacy-intrusive and personal data mining-intensive giant on Facebook, it remains to be seen how much demand this NFT may have.

NFT loans on Cardano

Aada Finance, the first protocol to offer NFT lending services on the Cardano blockchain, is offering $25,000 bug bounty competition as part of its mainnet launch on September 13.

Those who can identify critical smart contract vulnerabilities and make suggestions to fix them will receive $25,000 in native AADA tokens of the protocol.

Aada Finance says it will offer users “peer-to-peer lending and borrowing in an order book style, while fully managing their loan applications and loans.”

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However, it may take a while for the platform to get off the ground as striking NFT action is still lacking on Cardano.

Cardano doesn’t even make the list of the 16 best-selling NFT networks according to CryptoSlam, despite Theta in 16th place generating just $117 in secondary sales volume in the past 24 hours.

Supercharged Lambo NFTs

Lamborghini, the luxury sports car developer, will roll out its second round of NFTs this month, this time with specific utility for avid collectors.

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Lambo enthusiasts who collect three regular tier drops from the company’s NFTs this month will get a rare drop priority at the end of this month, an hour earlier than other users.

Anyone who manages to collect eight rare NFTs from the drops will receive a gold NFT offering them exclusive benefits and rewards.

Virtual Lambo: Lamborghini

The incentives include a Lamborghini GLB file that will allow hodlers to put a “yet to be determined” Lambo model into the Metaverse, exclusive digital artwork by Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini, and a chance to join a tour of the Sant’ Agata of the company. Bolognese headquarters.

Lamborghini’s first NFT drop came in January with a series of five symbolic artworks depicting a Lamborghini Ultimae being launched into space above Earth. The NFTs were eventually sold in February for nearly $660,000 combined.