Here’s Aubrey Plaza as M3GAN 2.0 for ‘SNL’


Early this year, we witnessed the birth of a new horror icon in the form of M3GAN, the killer android with killer dance moves that wowed critics and audiences alike and seems destined to become a multi-episode franchise.

Well, SNL ran with that concept, dressing up a few of its cast members and hosting Aubrey Plaza as M3GANs for a 2.0 update to the concept, leaning on the fact that M3GAN has become not just another horror icon, but a new gay horror icon . I’m never quite sure how this happens (The Babadook is also a gay horror icon), but the idea is that this new theoretical M3GAN movie would embrace that honorific.

There are more M3GAN dances, and Aubrey Plaza’s M3GAN offers poppers to clubbers at one point. Unsurprisingly, the actress is great at playing a dead-eyed killer robot, a role she was frankly born to do. Plaza has been positively on fire lately as only last year did we see her in The White Lotus season 2 and the amazing Emily the Criminal. Also featured in the skit is real-life M3GAN star Allison Williams in a brief cameo where she is recognized as herself for a…particularly memorable scene in Girls.

As for M3GAN itself, the original puppet was played by a combination of young dancer Amie Donald and Jenna Davis doing the voice that was digitally modified for its final form. There hasn’t been a word about one actual M3GAN 2.0 so far, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about it any time soon, and if that’s literally what it was called. I’m not sure if you can actually do M2GAN and if it makes sense.

The M3GAN sketch probably wasn’t even the most high-profile thing Aubrey Plaza did on SNL yesterday, as not only did she return as April Ludgate for Weekend Update, but she was joined by ex-SNL cast member Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, reuniting them for the first time since the series went off the air. You can see that below:

Aubrey Plaza actually auditioned for and got turned down by SNL in the past, but my, my, how the turntables. Everyone is looking forward to what she will do next, which is Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis and Marvel’s Coven of Chaos, a role she took on so she could play with Kathryn Hahn again. I can not wait.

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