Here’s the latest San Francisco Shock Overwatch League Championship skin


The San Francisco Shock are the first consecutive Overwatch League champions. In addition to millions of awards, titles and the congratulations they deserve, winning an OWL title brings another reward: an in-game special Overwatch skin.

MORE TBENClash of San Francisco is the first dynasty of the Overwatch League

During the Overwatch League Shock vs the World presentation at BlizzCon, the final Grand Finals Championship skin was featured: Midas Roadhog.

The off-tank gets a great new skin. It uses the Shock’s floor plan and wears the team logo on his navel. That flaming hair and crochet are fantastic touches, and I’ll be looking to get my hands on this one.

Midas Roadhog will be available in-game before Overwatch League season 2021 begins in April. It will probably cost 200 OWL tokens (around $ 10 if you didn’t earn enough tokens watching the matches live).



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