HeroQuest expansion leans toward replayability, allowing players to explore more characters


Originally launched in 1989, HeroQuest – the cult classic dungeon crawling board game – is back. The latest edition arrived in retail in 2021 after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now the designers at Avalon Hill are expanding the line and adding a new hero with unique and powerful abilities. The reckless hero, dubbed the Rogue Heir of Elethorn, will be available at retail from October. Pre-orders start Wednesday.

HeroQuest made a name for itself by being one of the first campaigns-in-a-box, a model that is now one of the most successful board game genres. From humble beginnings on the local Toys R Us shelves, it has been the template for modern masterpieces such as Gloomhaven, Descent: Legends of the Darkand the coming ISS Vanguard. The original also featured several popular (and hard-to-find) expansions that added extra monster miniatures, bits of terrain, and even rules. But the franchise has never progressed beyond the original four heroes – the melee-focused barbarian, the enchanting mage, the versatile elf, and the handy dwarf.

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The reboot changed all that, adding additional female sculptures to the game, along with additional character classes, such as the Bard, the Druid, and the Warlock. Now Hasbro’s board game imprint adds a new class, the villain, who is described as “an agile skirmisher who is deadly with small blades.”

Everyone who has played HeroQuest know that daggers are pretty much useless after the first few missions. You might carry one or two with you for a handy ranged weapon, but they’re basically garbage. A rogue character could change that. The new class will also increase your need to manage mobility, a difficult prospect when rolling dice for movement. That’s because this particular character is not allowed to use metal armor or shields of any kind.

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“The Rogue Heir gave us the opportunity to showcase unique skills enhanced on two specific challenges faced by large parties in the dungeon,” said Chris Nadeau, senior director of design and development at Avalon Hill, in an email. to Polygon. “First, using Rogue’s Combat Mobility, the character can move through crowded rooms and hallways and attack Zargon’s henchmen from behind. This mechanic eases those bottlenecks on the game board, forcing players to stand still while the heroes up front are rolling all the dice. Second, a combination of the Dagger and Bandolier gear cards, as well as the Rogue Skill card Opportunistic Striker, allows players to create ranged attack rolls and move more freely through the dungeon, while still being able to attack targets almost every turn during combat. A fast, nimble and agile character seemed like a concept that could really change the way HeroQuest has been played.”

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Plus, more characters are on the way.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to introduce gameplay variations by adding new characters to HeroQuest‘ said Nadeau. “Like any good game where players can choose from a wide variety of classes and archetypes to change their playstyle and generate a sense of ‘replayability’, HeroQuest“The roster of heroes should reflect the vast world we’re building in the brand’s story, providing countless hours of replay for players who want to get the most out of their game.”

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