Herschel Walker’s latest TBEN News interview was a disaster


Herschel Walker used an interview on TBEN News to tell white people to stop apologizing for their skin color.

Video of Walker on TBEN News’ Sunday Morning Futures:

walker said:

The black and brown, we want public safety, want school choice for our kids. We want to be able to take to the streets and be safe. That’s one of the things that I think they’ve forgotten – roughly, is that we’re the same as everyone else. But they keep berating you if you don’t agree with them at all.

I’ve met the people, and one of the things my wife told me is to educate people, because the media is not my friend. It’s amazing that they used to love Herschel Walker and now they don’t.

I do not feel like it. I want people on the street to be safe. I want them to go to the mall without hiring a security guard to show you around the mall. I want every white kid in school to know you don’t have to apologize for your skin color, every black kid knows you’re not being oppressed. You can still make it in this country here. This is the only country where you can get it.

Herschel Walker feels very strongly for all the oppressed white people who feel bad for being white. He also told black people that they are not oppressed; his message seemed to be that they should suck it up and show sympathy for all decent white people who feel bad about being white.

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The interview was a disaster.

Walker cannot be trusted to address media outside of heavily choreographed TBEN News interviews and must not be allowed on the debate stage with Sen. warnock.

Walker is a train wreck who, when he feels like it, is abusive.

This is the kind of interview that plays well with TBEN News viewers, but also shows why the Walker campaign is a disaster.

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