High school classmates team up to launch Kenya’s first electric tuk-tuk


Two high school friends teamed up to create a unique three-wheeled vehicle popularly known as a tuk-tuk in Kenya.

23-year-old Alijawaad ​​Molu and 24-year-old Aliakber Khan have created an electric tuk-tuk, which is more environmentally friendly.

Through their company, Solutions Africa Ltd, Molu and Khan focus on reducing carbon emissions by going green and mitigating the effects of global warming.

High school classmates and creators of the E-beba tuk-tuk, Alijawaad ​​Molu and Aliakber Khan


The company is located in Mombasa where the residents prefer to use the tuk-tuk as a means of transport. The local population faces challenges such as higher fuel prices and their new innovation offers a cheaper alternative.

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“Charging an electric vehicle is much cheaper compared to rising fuel prices. If more TBEN can have access to a vehicle, we can dramatically improve the quality of life for families.

“In terms of environmental impact, the extremely low noise level and air pollution will continue to create a healthier, better future for our country,” explains Molu.

The tuk-tuk called E-Beba is similar to the current tricycles on the market, although there are minor differences in their features.

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Their model has zero emissions, less noise pollution and lower operating costs. It is battery powered with a portable charger, which costs about Ksh300 to fully charge the batteries and they last about six hours.

“We continue to expand our operation with a vision to create greener, friendlier and more accessible solutions for the people of Africa. Join our mission and make the transition to a greener world for our children in the coming years,” added Mol .

Kenyan organizations such as Kenya Power have taken steps towards cleaner energy in recent days.

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Kenya Power has announced strategies to install electric car chargers in Kenyan homes across the country in a tender notice published by the power company on Tuesday, August 2.

The company said it was looking for electronic companies to help them implement the E-Mobility Network Infrastructure System (ENIS).

The message also stated that Kenya Power plans to roll out the car chargers within six months from September this year.

Alijawaad ​​Molu and Aliakber Khan have created an electric tuk tuk that is environmentally friendly

Alijawaad ​​Molu and Aliakber Khan have created an electric tuk tuk that is environmentally friendly