Hillsborough County Schools Offer Tutoring Program for Quarantined Students


TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Hillsborough County Schools are offering a new tutoring program for students free of charge. It’s called “Paper” and is meant to help students keep track of their schoolwork while they are in quarantine.

District leaders say that as long as a student has access to a phone and can text, they can speak with a tutor in any subject!

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Sixth grade Sophia Nellickel spends a lot of time at home these days taking classes online.

She said, “Sometimes I just can’t quite understand what the teacher is saying, so I was just going to go on and it would relearn everything that I didn’t understand.” I take too many breaks and end up not getting up without finishing anything because there are always distractions.

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Nellickel was previously in quarantine for twelve days and now she is back in quarantine, but a new program called “Paper” is helping her with her homework.

Terry Connor, Assistant District Superintendent, said, “They have someone they can help resolve issues with when students receive homework from their teachers when they go into quarantine. The missing piece is to have this teacher there to help them when it comes to these struggles.

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Hillsborough County Schools have signed a $ 2.6 million contract with the company called “Paper,” which provides tutors to students 24/7.

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“Students can upload pictures, they can type, they can chat, they can draw anything to help them,” Connor said.

The district says tutors are available by phone and tutoring is by courier. Tutors can help you with over 200 topics, but you don’t need to be in quarantine to access them.

“They can take advantage of it after soccer practice when they need help with homework,” said Connor.

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According to the Hillsborough County School District website, just over 3,100 people are in quarantine or isolation and Nellickel says she believes the new program will help students continue to learn while staying at home. .

“You can take a photo of your question and send it to them and they’ll play it back in 20-30 seconds,” Nellickel said.

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Officials say they have tutors available who also speak English and other languages. The district says up to 100,000 students in grades 6 through 12 can take advantage of the program.