Holiday airfare prices hit their highest level in 5 years as travel chaos continues


Book your vacation trip early if you don’t want to pay sky-high fares.

The cost of holiday flights will hit a five-year high this year, according to the latest analysis from fare-tracking platform Hopper released Monday.

“Key factors, including jet fuel prices, fewer scheduled flights and two years of pent-up demand for leisure travel, this year will push the combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas flights to their highest level in the last 5 years,” Hopper chief economist Hayley Berg said in his 2022 statement. vacation trip outlook report.

Airfare costs have skyrocketed in recent months, even as travelers face a spate of flight disruptions and cancellations. As the COVID-19 pandemic eases, airlines are struggling to meet higher demand despite pilot and flight crew shortages, higher fuel costs and other supply chain problems.

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The disruptions were worst during busy holiday weekends, such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day, each of which caused a wave of cancellations at airports across the country.

The FBI is pressuring airlines to improve service.
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Domestic flights during the Thanksgiving holiday sell for an average of $350 per ticket this year, according to Hooper’s data. That figure marks a 43% increase compared to last year’s holiday price and 22% compared to the pre-pandemic holiday travel season in 2019.

Prices are higher for international fliers, with an average price of $795 per ticket this Thanksgiving – a 41% increase from last year.

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Air travelers
Airline tickets are much more expensive than last year.

Tickets are even more expensive during the Christmas holidays, with an average domestic flight selling for $463 per ticket through mid-September. Christmas plane tickets are 39% more expensive than last year.

For international travelers, Christmas airfare costs a whopping $1,300.

Pilots who book their trip early have the most savings, according to Berg.

Domestic flights during Thanksgiving are 43% more expensive.

“Despite the significant recovery in travel since the height of the pandemic, travelers continue to plan trips closer to their departure date than before the pandemic,” Berg wrote.

Higher airfares continued to be a major burden on household budgets as inflation surged over the past year. According to federal data, airfares showed signs of improvement in July, falling 7.8%.

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However, the cost of airline tickets still increased by 27.7% compared to the same month a year earlier.

The Biden administration has stepped up pressure on US airlines to deal with deteriorating flight conditions. Several airlines have recently updated their customer service plans to clarify that flyers are entitled to free meals and accommodation in the event of lengthy delays or cancellations attributable to their airline.

As The Post reported, travelers have also experienced an increase in mishandled baggage incidents in the past year, with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines among the worst offenders.