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There is no denying that one of the biggest things that has made our life easier during this pandemic has been the ease of having products and services delivered right to our door here in the UAE. The most recent service in the area includes services primarily aimed at men in the area.

HomeCuts is a new barber and salon service that offers premium grooming services for men and children – with nail care for women.

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Grooming services when you need them, from the comfort of your home
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High-end home services

Now you can sit relaxed in your home, on your balcony or even in your garden while the skilled team at HomeCuts takes care of you. Men’s services include haircuts, hair dyes, manicures, beard trimming and shaping and much more. Need grooming services for children? No worries, HomeCuts is here for you. The ladies can treat themselves to a manicure while the highly trained team at HomeCuts take care of the rest of the family

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The HomeCuts team comes with a comfortable leather chair, mirror, table and sealed equipment that follows a strict ‘sterilized, sanitized and sealed’ process. All you have to do is give them some space. Not only that, they check the temperature at the door and have a “ No Hair Left Behind ” policy once they finish providing their services.

One very important thing to know about HomeCuts is that all of their time is spent with their own internal team formed by experts. By using their services, no third party service providers will come to you. This allows HomeCuts to guarantee the highest quality of service and gives you peace of mind when using their services.

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Do you want to make a reservation?

If you want to pamper yourself or your loved one at home, there are currently two ways to book services. Firstly, you can book the services directly through WhatsApp or secondly, you can make a reservation on the Fresha app.

HomeCuts themselves currently have their app in the works with some unique features such as “track the arrival of your groomers”. Keep an eye on HomeCuts on social media for the upcoming announcement.

The best part? You don’t have to make a reservation every month. With the app, you will soon be able to subscribe to their monthly “ grooming packages ” where you have the option to create your own plan or choose from their existing subscription models.

Do you just want to try it out? Do not worry. HomeCuts also offers its “ no-plan service ” where you can simply select the service you want and make a one-time payment.

For more information on HomeCuts, click here or visit their Instagram page.

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