Hoping for a Brexit deal but “not at any cost”: British Minister Rishi Sunak


It is absolutely not (a matter of making) a deal at any cost, said Rishi Sunak. (FILE)

UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said there was real progress in Brexit talks with the European Union, but it would be better to move away from a bad trade deal than to tie the two hands of Britain in the future.

Mr Sunak, one of the few members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s core ministerial team who emerged from the COVID pandemic with a strengthened reputation, was seen as one of the main voices in the cabinet calling for a free deal -exchange with the EU.

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He told the Sunday Times he hoped Britain and the European Union would come to an agreement.

“Every day I revise bits of text, so there is real progress,” he said. “Certainly, it would be better to strike a deal.”

But he added: “The major impact on our economy is the coronavirus. It is absolutely not (a matter of making) a deal at any cost.”

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“If we don’t get an agreement, why? It’s because they refuse to compromise on very reasonable and very transparent principles that we have been laying out from the start. We are not asking for … treatment super special. “


The two sides have been stuck in talks for months, and although officials say they have made progress in recent days, there is still a long way to go to get a deal in place and ratified by the end date. year.

Sunak granted the interview ahead of a spending review on Wednesday when he lays out government spending over the next year, after COVID-19 blew up a £ 200 billion ($ 266 billion) hole in British finances.

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He said he hoped that next spring he would be able to start thinking beyond the current need to support the economy and jobs, and consider how he might bring public finances back to normal. a sustainable level.

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