Hotel quarantine will resume in Victoria from December 7


Victoria will resume accepting international arrivals from December 7 and has asked the Commonwealth for an initial cap of 160 passengers per day.

International flights to Melbourne have been suspended since early July, to allow a reset of the state’s hotel quarantine program.

“Victoria has asked the Commonwealth for a brief extension of the suspension of international flights landing in Melbourne from November 22 to December 6 to allow final preparations for Victoria’s reset quarantine accommodation program for returning travelers,” said Friday a government spokesperson. .

“Victoria will start receiving new passengers from December 7 and has requested an initial cap of 160 inbound passengers each day. This ceiling can be revised in time. “

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The announcement of international flights came as Victoria recorded its 21st consecutive day without a new case or death from coronavirus.

There are now two active cases in Victoria, up from three on Thursday.

Health authorities performed 18,474 tests in 24 hours.

The DHHS said a possible case was under investigation and could be a false positive.

The potential case is being assessed and preventive public health measures are in place as investigations continue.

There are still restrictions on the SA-Victorian border, but now they are on the Victorian side.

Temporary closure of the Victoria-South Australia border in place

Victoria closed its border with South Australia for 48 hours in an effort to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in Adelaide from spreading throughout the state.

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As of Friday, entry to Victoria from South Australia is limited to truck drivers carrying freight, people with medical, emergency or animal welfare concerns and those permitted by law.

A permit system will be introduced on Saturday to allow people to enter Victoria for specific reasons, such as shopping or medical treatment.

Health officials said the decision was made to close the border due to evidence of community transmission in South Australia and the detection of viral fragments in sewage in Portland and Benalla.

Portland District Health chief executive Chris Giles said the detection of viral fragments did not mean there was an active case in the area.

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“We’re less likely to have active cases that someone has visited that is shedding the virus, but that said, it’s really important that the Portlanders do exactly what they did when we had active cases in the community – show up and get tested, “he said.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews will reveal on Sunday what restrictions will be relaxed as the state moves to the next stage of the roadmap to reopening.

Mr Andrews said earlier this week that there could be changes to the state’s mandatory mask rules.

He suggested that people might not be required to wear a mask if they were outside alone.


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