House Democrats are going to wreak havoc by trying to remove McCarthy as speaker


House Democrats and Progressives are getting ready to give Kevin McCarthy a constant headache by filing motions to remove him as speaker.

Politico reported:

“Why not? You know, that sounds like a good idea. I mean, you still need some, 218 for passage, right? But listen, man, he’s got a very slim majority,” Rep. Jamaal Bowman (DN. Y.) “If we want to cause complete chaos, we will.”

The gamble, known as the motion to leave, would almost certainly fail this early in the new Congress, as Republicans can use a procedural move to defeat the motion before it actually gets a vote and Democrats need GOP support to pass the required to achieve a majority. But the zeal of the progressives confirms a fear among McCarthy’s allies — that a rule he greenlit to appease conservatives could easily trigger frequent headaches.

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The motion would be a way to cause chaos and troll McCarthy with his own rules. And if something completely crazy happens, it can just work. But mostly this is just something the minority of the House can do to give the Speaker of the House a headache when he has a very slim majority and no room for error.

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If the vote got to the House floor, it would be complete madness and a huge problem for Kevin McCarthy. A handful of Republicans who decide they’ve had enough of McCarthy can end his speakership and make last week’s drama seem like a walk in the park.

Speaker McCarthy made the concession and now he has to sleep with one eye open because his speakership could end at any moment.