Housemaid says her employer’s eldest child kicks her, throws things at her and insults her by telling her she’s stupid and should shut up – Singapore News


SINGAPORE — A foreign domestic worker frustrated with her working conditions took to social media and asked other maids for advice.

“For the past few days, the eldest son keeps bothering me by insulting me like I’m stupid, I can’t speak English well, sometimes he says “shut up” to me when I say the things he shouldn’t say or he will saying “so?” “I don’t care” etc,” she wrote.

In an anonymous post on Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the girl wrote that she had been working in that household for three months now, where her employer had two children. The children were six and ten years old.

The helper also added that the boy would kick her, throw things at her and sometimes even use his body to deliberately bump into her. She wrote that when she told her employer about the situation, the boy was quiet for a few days before resuming his bad behavior.

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“He told me to just go home and they would find a better helper. I am also a human being who can take offense and even though I am just a helper, I deserve to be treated respectfully, right?” the maid wrote.

Other helpers who responded to the post wrote that the maid should try a softer approach to reach the boy. They also wrote that children are usually wary of new people coming into their home. Others also urged her to talk to her employers again and explain the situation clearly to them.

This is what they said:

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Last year, in yet another case of a foreign housekeeper trapped in a rather violent and unpleasant work environment, the helper in question tried to apply for a transfer but was denied by her employers unless she compensated them for the remaining days of her contract .

In a Facebook post on a group for helpers called FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the helper wrote on March 5 that she wanted the views of other employers and helpers in the group. She said she had been with her employer for almost four years and would finish her second contract in three months.

She explained that during the past three years there had been many conflicts between herself and members of her employer’s family, especially their children. Every time she kindly told them to eat faster, finish their homework, or stop watching television, they rudely told her it was none of her business.

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The helper, who remained anonymous in her post, wrote that they would tell her she was worthless, stupid and damned. Frustrated and upset, she complained to her employer, the children’s mother, who would tell her not to take their words too seriously and to dismiss the situation.

When the counselor asked for a transfer at the time, her employer said she had one year left on her contract and they wouldn’t allow that.

Housemaid wants transfer after employer’s kids called her ‘stupid and goddamn helper’, but family says she’ll finish contract or compensate them

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