How a Kenyan woman got home to a multi-million resort [VIDEO]


A lonely, private woman living in Nairobi bought one of the hills in Kumpa, Kajiado County with a plan to build a vacation home that would provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi.

But soon after building her dream home, family and friends began to frequent the getaway and even offer her compensation for bothering her.

According to her daughter, who only wanted to be identified as Diana, the the idea of ​​inviting more people and opening it up to strangers slowly began to solidify in the entrepreneur’s head.

An aerial view of the Lerruat Log Resort in Kajiado County

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Diana’s mother began to expand the house gradually, attracting more clients, who were not afraid to pay for the ambiance and the spectacular view in the mountainous region in the middle of Kajiado County.

What was originally a private 12-bedroom vacation home, the Lerruat Log Resort welcomed its first foreigners in 2015 when the entrepreneur started running it as a commercial venture alongside his two children Diana and of his brother who prefers to stay away from the glare of the cameras. just like the mother.

The resort now has 16 standard rooms, 18 deluxe rooms, six family rooms, two special rooms for people with reduced mobility and four executive suites.

You can enjoy attractive picnic sites, nature walks and body massages in the bush.

“The architecture was inspired by the cabins. We liked the look of the cabins in Switzerland, especially the ones on top of the mountains. We borrowed from that to build what we have here, ”Diana said in an interview with Wode Maya.

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Kenya’s national tourism industry has received a boost after Covid-19 denied many people the opportunity to travel abroad.

He revealed some of Kenya’s hidden gems that the majority of TBEN didn’t know existed.

At the World Travel Awards 2020 in November, Kenya won over 10 awards.

In the hospitality industry, the unique comfort of the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club in the shadow of Mount Kenya has helped it win the title of Africa’s best hotel.

Kenya’s huge victory gives the hospitality and tourism sector a much needed boost in an effort to recover from the effects of Covid-19.

Watch the station tour.


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