How and when to watch the big ‘Call of Duty Next’ live stream and what to expect?


The big day is almost here. Activision and Infinity Ward Reveal the Future of Duty as a franchise at this week’s Call Of Duty Next event.

The livestream will introduce fans of the shooter franchise to a slew of new information about three upcoming games in the Call Of Duty universe:

  • Modern Warfare 2 gets its big multiplayer reveal and players will learn more about the modes, maps and cooperative play coming to the game as well as various innovations for gameplay and much more.
  • War Zone 2.0 is the new completely independent free-to-play battle royale positioned to take over for the current one war zone. We’ll learn more about the new map, gameplay and next-gen features at the Call Of Duty Next event.
  • warzone mobile is a new free-to-play Android and iOS battle royale game that is claimed to share some elements of cross-play and/or cross-progression with War Zone 2.0. We’ll learn all about the game and how it ties into the other titles at the next event.

Other key details players will learn include:

  • The future of the Call Of Duty franchise as a whole, including how all future games and studios about Black Ops, Modern Warfare and further – will be made on the same unified game engine.
  • Important information about the Modern Warfare II Beta that will start this weekend.
  • Gameplay in action as over 150 popular streamers compete against each other and play the game(s) live. (I’m not 100% sure if this includes both) WWII and War Zone II but I have a feeling we will see both).

How and when to watch?

You can watch the #CODNext Showcase event in the YouTube embed above or head over to Twitch and watch it there.

The event kicks off on Thursday, September 15 at 9:30 AM PT / 12:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM UTC / 5:30 PM UK.

The beta starts the following day for PlayStation Early Access players. You can access the Early Access portion of the beta by pre-ordering the game or with an Early Access key. I’m giving it away, so go here to enter the giveaway contest.

I’m getting full coverage of the #CODNext event and Modern Warfare II beta here on my blog so don’t forget to bookmark!

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