How Brian Daboll has been the savior for Daniel Jones, John Mara and Giants


PHILADELPHIA – You can chase a Super Bowl and maybe win one if you find the right head coach and team him up with the right quarterback.

The Giants spent a decade trying to replicate the synergy between Bill Parcells and Phil Simms, and they found it in Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning, and between the pairs, it earned them four Lombardi trophies that stand tall and proud in the display case in the lobby was inside Giant Drive from 1925.

Simms entered his fifth season when Parcells was a rookie head coach, and it took three seasons and periods of turbulence between them before they peaked together.

Coughlin was a rookie Giants head coach when Manning was a rookie, and it took them four seasons to win Super Bowl XLII together.

Only after the right head coach finally arrived did Daniel Jones become the right quarterback for the Giants.

Daboll is the rookie head coach whose Midas touch in his fourth season transformed Jones into a dual-threat professional quarterback who finally proved he could protect the football, get his team into the end zone, and win games. And he cemented himself as the “franchise quarterback of the future” with a big off-season deal as a reward.

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In what was expected to be Year 1 of a rebuilding process, the Brian Daboll Giants showed up in haunted Linc for a Saturday Night Fever-esque NFC Divisional roundup against the top-seeded Eagles.

Brian Daboll: the savior.

Brian Daboll: Daniel Jones’ savior.

Brian Daboll: John Mara’s savior.

Brian Daboll: savior of the New York Football Giants.

Daboll and Jones actually hit the ground faster than Parcells and Simms, and faster than Coughlin and Manning.

Chris Mara, the Giants’ senior player personnel manager, stood at one end of the locker room after the game after Daboll and Jones upset the Vikings in the wild card round when I asked him what he liked best about this team.

“No. 1, it’s the best coached team we’ve had in a long time,” Mara told The Post. “And offensively, whatever the situation, they seem to be able to work it out.”

It was Daboll who found out. Daboll who molded and guided Daniel Jones and developed it into the best version of Daniel Jones. Daboll unlocking the key, with his genius in identifying and designing what gave his quarterback the best chance of success. Daboll, who unified the building and made the place fun again.

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Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin celebrate winning Super Bowl XLII in February 2008.

Daboll, the trusted leader who got everyone to join his approach of day by day and week by week, and game by game by game day. Daboll, who went for 2 and the Tennessee road win in the opener and the Giants began to learn how to win after wandering the desert of desperation all these years.

He never promised us Josh Allen. And yet, in his previous two starts, Jones had rushed 28 times for 169 yards and two touchdowns, and completed 43 of 59 passes for 478 yards and four touchdowns.

The marriage between a quarterback friendly offense and a quarterback who willingly accepted to be coached hard is a marriage made in Big Blue heaven.

Ben McAdoo was promoted from offensive coordinator to replace Coughlin as head coach with Manning’s blessings in 2016.

“We wanted to find someone who had the intelligence, determination, work ethic and leadership ability to become a successful head coach in the National Football League,” said Mara when he introduced McAdoo. “It begins a new era of Giants football.”

The new era lasted less than two years.

Enter Pat Shurmur, a respected play-caller with previous experience as a head coach who would squeeze whatever was left of Manning’s 37-year-old arm and develop the next franchise quarterback, one Daniel Jones, who arrived three months later.

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“We’re looking for someone with intelligence, leadership skills, presence, a professional demeanor and the right philosophy for building a team,” Mara said when introducing Shurmur. The Giants wanted an adult in the room after McAdoo lost the room. “And he is highly respected by the players he has coached in the past,” said Mara.

Giants owner John Mara with coach Brian Daboll ahead of the Big Blue regular season finale on January 8 in Philadelphia.
Corey Sipkin

Mara was back two years later and introduced Joe Judge as his next head coach: “I have to tell you, this was possibly the best coaching interview I’ve ever participated in. … He’s a teacher, he’s a communicator, he’s someone who commands and commands respect, and he just has a certain presence to him.”

Another two years later, Mara blew it all up and started over with new general manager Joe Schoen choosing the next Giants head coach.

Mara learned the hard way that you never know if you hired the right head coach.

But now he knows.

Brian Daboll: Coach of the Year.

Brian Daboll: savior of the New York Football Giants.


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