How do we radically change the women’s game and ensure that our golden legacy is not wasted?


Then there’s the crucial issue of what happens at the base. I fully support Ian Wright’s comments on the TBEN following England’s semi-final victory over Sweden about the need to create more access to football for girls in PE in primary and secondary schools, and that our girls have the same opportunities as boys. That’s not the case at the moment, and that has to change, because Sunday’s great win will mean so much to the confidence of all those girls on the playground.

This sport must now also address the huge difference in prize money across the board. I know the FA recently raised the FA Cup prize money for women but it still isn’t equal to the men’s – why isn’t the FA Cup prize money equal? There is no reason for it. With more prize money, there is greater compensation for everyone involved in the game, and it would be well deserved.

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This requires government intervention, because the trickle-down effect is so drastic for the smaller clubs. It’s the same with the Champions League prize money, which has to be much bigger than it is given the amount of money there is in our sport, as well as the World Cup and the Euros, and player bonuses. It must be equal.

The questions must be put to all authorities and we must push harder for those answers.

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As for the growth of everything else, the important thing is that there was already a strong foundation before the European Championship, so the Lionesses winning their first major title is not Ground Zero on this journey – there is a strong foundation.

Now it is up to the government to legislate to provide equal access and equal opportunity across the country in PE, especially for girls, and to seek investment from companies and partners and sponsors that support the ambition and growth of the game. to see.

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It’s about increasing the number of female coaches on the ground so that there is more visibility and more opportunities for everyone in the food chain.

And we need to grow our competition crowds and get more bums on seats in the WSL when it starts back up in September. At Chelsea, we will begin our title defense at Stamford Bridge against West Ham on Sunday, September 11, and many other WSL clubs will also play on the larger grounds of their men’s team.