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England is undergoing a second national lockdown that will last at least until December 2, as the government tries to stop the surge in coronavirus cases and prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed.

Covid-19 is known to have been contracted by 1,493,383 in the UK and 54,626 people have died from the virus.

The country will continue with the three-tier system after December 2 unless the lockdown is extended, which cabinet member Michael Gove told Sky News was possible.

On November 16, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also fueled suggestions that the lockdown could be extended past the proposed end date, as he said it was “too early” to anticipate the level of infection at this stage. Speaking from Downing Street, he said: ‘At the moment most of the tests that we are recovering, most of the positive cases, are from when the lockdown came in, so it’s too early to see in the data on the impact of the second lockdown.

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But we absolutely hope that we can replace the national lockdown with a tiered system similar to the one we had before.

At the same conference, NHS Test chief medical adviser Dr Susan Hopkins suggested that areas with lower infection rates could break out of the current lockdown only to find themselves in tighter restrictions than before.

She shared: We recognized that country prioritization has had a different effect in each area … Level 2 seems to hold up in some areas and not so well in others, and so really it depends on how quickly transmission and to what extent individuals in the population follow this advice ”.

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“We’re seeing very little effect from level 1, and I think when we see what levels might be there in the future, we’ll have to think about boosting them in order to get us through the winter months until that the vaccine is available to everyone. . “

Additionally, more recently, NHS Providers hospital group chief executive Chris Hopson urged the government to make Level 3 lockdown measures the ‘new normal’ to avert the ‘disaster’ of a third lockdown in January. The implementation of Level 3 measures across the country would then have effects on plans throughout the holiday season and Christmas Day.

In his interview with The Times, Mr Hopson shared that there is a “risk” that we “will trade a few days of celebration for the misery of a third wave a few weeks later”.

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The main restrictions in locking include:

  • The closure of all pubs, bars and restaurants, but take out and deliveries will be allowed
  • The closure of all non-essential businesses. A ban on mixing households, except for support or childcare reasons
  • A restriction on travel, including international travel abroad (except for work). Travel to the UK is also not recommended.

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