How much more do these household items cost in South Africa – including deodorant, toothpaste and washing powder?


Data from the Household Affordability Index of the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice & Dignity group (PMBEJD) shows a continuation of food price increases in July.

The index showed that the average cost of its Household Food Basket increased by 1.3% – or R60.06 – until R4.748 in July 2022. Year-over-year the average cost of the Household Food Basket increased by R611.44 (14.8%), from R4.137 in July 2021.

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The increase of 14.8% is well above headline inflation (CPI) recorded in July at 7.4% and well ahead of reported food inflation at 8.6%.

Zero-rated foods in the household food basket increased by R58.75 – or 24% – to R2.502 month over month, and R398.85 (19%) to R2 502.59 year over year.

The group also released its Household Domestic & Personal Hygiene Index for July 2022, showing how these items have risen since the start of the year.

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“Household and personal hygiene products are critical expenditures for safe hygiene and general health and well-being. The money needed to secure household and personal hygiene products comes from the food budget. These products compete viciously in the food budget,” it said.

Month-on-month, the cost of the basket of household products for household and personal hygiene increased by R36.86 – or 4.4% of R839.75 in June 2022 to R876.61 in July 2022.

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Year on year, the cost of the basket of household and personal hygiene products increased by R151.89 – or 21% – from R724.72 in July 2021 to R876.61 in July 2022.

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