How the F-35 threatens Ruag jobs in Emmen


Job killer fighter plane: F-35 threatens 400 jobs in Emmen – now the “Project Rigi” is supposed to save the location

A new combat aircraft is said to be so good that it jeopardizes jobs for maintenance staff Ruag in Switzerland. A special Swiss solution could remedy the situation – but the price is high.

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The F/A-18 fighter jets are being repaired in a Ruag workshop near the airport in Emmen.

Image: Dominik Wunderli

It is the most effective, most sustainable, cheapest – simply the most suitable combat aircraft for Switzerland, said Air Force Commander Peter Merz at the presentation of the F-35 in Emmen in March. Plane spotters flocked to the military airfield in droves to catch a glimpse of the Lockheed Martin jet.


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