How to Download Updated Madden Off-Season Player Lists with Rookies on PS5 and Xbox


If you’re a Madden fan, the NFL Draft probably has you thirsty for virtual football. EA sprinkles some of the game’s best rookies through Ultimate Team immediately after the draft.

The hardcore roster creators are working to produce a more comprehensive roster update for those who want to use teams with rookies, free agent pickups, and commercial acquisitions.

The Operation Sports community has proven to be a great resource for this type of content over the years, and this pandemic era is no different. If you own a PlayStation 5, you’re going to want to focus on the work of an operating system user named Unfadeable 23.

He’s put a ton of work into producing one of the most authentic Madden off-season rosters you’ll ever find. He created original versions of the rookies drafted in the first three rounds, and he also updated all the rosters to reflect trades, free agent signings, and exits.

You can find the list of UnFadeable by heading to the settings icon in the main menu, going to the community files section, and searching by its PSN ID: which is “UnFadeable 23.”

You can find the same type of work on the Xbox One of a user named Sazzy 41.

There are a few differences, and while Sazzy 41 designed it for a current gen console, there is a way to convert it to a next gen file as well.

Sazzy’s roster includes more rookies than Ifadeable, but they aren’t originally created players.

Instead, these are mostly modifications of existing veterans who are not currently on a roster. Depending on how you like to play, one can be more appealing than the other. You find Sazzy’s roster follows the same path as Unfadeable, and if you want to use it on Xbox Series X | S, you’ll need to create a franchise using the roster on Xbox One and then migrate it to your next-gen console. using the cloud backup function.

You won’t be able to use it in an exhibition game on the next generation, but it should be fully functional in franchise mode. Maybe that will get us all over the place until Madden 22 is released later this summer.



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