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The assurance of a flexible reimbursement policy can facilitate a stressful travel experience when unforeseen events, such as serious illness or adverse weather conditions, derail your flight plans.

Travelers traveling on Delta Air Lines may have the option of requesting a refund, depending on the specifics of their ticket. Read on to learn more about Delta Air Lines’ refund policy.

Delta Air Lines refund policy

Depending on the timing since you first booked your ticket, the type of fare and how you purchased it, you might get your money back. If a refund is not possible under the airline’s refund policy, an electronic credit for your next flight may be an alternative.

Free cancellation 24 hours a day

Delta Air Lines’ refund policy offers the greatest leniency for flights canceled within 24 hours of booking. Under its 24 hour risk free cancellation policy, you can cancel your reservation for any reason without penalty.

This policy applies to all air fares, whether it is a refundable, non-refundable or basic economy class ticket. When canceling your flight, you will receive a full automatic refund which will be issued to the original payment method.

Ticket eligibility

After the 24-hour risk-free cancellation window has passed, Delta Air Lines’ refund will depend on the conditions of your ticket type of fare. Here is an overview of the tickets eligible for a refund on Delta.

Refundable tickets

If you’ve booked a flight with a refundable fare, you can submit a Delta refund request to the airline after officially canceling your trip. Your ticket must also have been purchased by cash, check or credit card.

Whether you’re looking for a refund on a refundable ticket or for an unused travel purchase – like a Wi-Fi pass – you’ll need to complete a form to request a refund or e-credit.

Non-refundable tickets

Non-refundable tickets are not eligible for a refund, but you may receive an electronic credit against the value of the ticket, less cancellation fees (if applicable). The eCredit can be redeemed for a future Delta flight.

Exceptions on non-refundable tickets: In the event of the death of an immediate family member, travel companion or non-refundable ticket passenger, you may request a refund under Delta Air Lines policy. Be prepared to provide proof, such as a copy of the death certificate, to the airline’s reimbursement department.

Basic Economy Ticket

Basic economy tickets can only be canceled, changed and refunded during the 24 hour risk-free period. If you purchased a Basic Economy Fare and missed the 24 hour deadline, you will not be allowed to request a refund.

Refunds of SkyMiles award tickets

  • Award tickets: When SkyMiles is used to cover the full cost of the ticket and you choose to cancel your flight, your miles will be deposited back to your SkyMiles account.

  • Pay with Miles tickets: Some Delta SkyMiles AmEx cardholders can secure their ticket through the Pay with Miles redemption option. Whether or not you redeemed miles for a refundable ticket, the miles will not be returned to your SkyMiles account (you will get an eCredit for the value instead).

  • Miles + Cash tickets: For customers who have purchased a ticket via Miles + Money, the cash portion of the ticket is non-refundable. The kilometer portion of the ticket value will be deposited back to your SkyMiles account.

  • Upgrade with Miles tickets: Miles used for flight upgrades cannot be redeposited to your SkyMiles account unless the ticket falls under the 24 hour risk-free cancellation policy.

How to initiate a Delta refund request

Request a refund within 24 hours

Customers can easily cancel and request a refund on a ticket online within 24 hours of booking at no additional cost. Visit or launch the Fly Delta app, then:

  1. Log in and select My Trips, or if you do not have a Delta online account, select Find Your Trip.

  2. Select the trip you want to cancel and click the Cancel Flight button.

  3. Then follow the steps to submit a Delta refund request.

Delta refund requests after 24 hours

Once the risk-free cancellation period is over, you will need to go through another channel to submit a Delta refund request.

Customers with a refundable ticket can submit a Delta refund request for their reservation online by visiting and filling out its electronic form. Non-refundable ticket holders can also use the same form to cancel their trip and request an eCredit.

You will need to enter your first and last name as well as the 13-digit ticket number that appears on the confirmation or receipt from the first time you purchased your ticket.

A Delta representative can also help you over the phone. Customers in the United States or Canada can contact 800-847-0578. SkyMiles members can contact a dedicated phone line at 800-323-2323. Representatives are available 24/7 to assist with refund requests.

Get your Delta Air Lines refund

Once you have started the refund process for your Delta flight, it will take some time to process your claim. Even qualifying tickets can take up to seven business days for the airline to issue a refund for purchases made by credit or debit card in the United States.

It may take up to 20 business days to process tickets purchased by cash or check.

Nerdy tip: For your convenience, Delta offers a useful tool to check the status of your refund. Visit the refund status page and enter your full name, ticket number and refund request number that were emailed to you.

The bottom line

Understanding which tickets are eligible for a Delta Air Lines refund can be confusing, but I hope this guide has simplified your purchasing options. Once you are outside of the 24 hour cancellation window, your ticket type will become more relevant to your eligibility. If the likelihood of a cash refund is important to you, avoid booking basic economy fares (where no refund is made) or other non-refundable tickets (where electronic credits are given).

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